As guests of Casa Kimball, you are provided with full, quality inclusive meal service. After all, we understand that food and beverage are an important part of any vacation experience.

In addition to 3 excellent meals and afternoon snack spread, a convenient meal plan per adult and per child rate includes; meal planning for preferences, dietary restrictions and allergies, shopping, all food and beverage supplies as well as all non alcohol beverages and fresh juices.

EVERYTHING encompassing food and beverage service is included for our guests during their stay, including special requests and quality Imported produce.

Start your day with an assorted and complete breakfast that will always include mouth-watering seasonal tropical fruits and fresh juices, eggs prepared to your liking, side dishes, fresh breads and cereals.

Lunch is prepared and served to suit the vacationing lifestyle of your group. The villa staff prepares a delicious lunch fare and also is happy to cater to children providing them with their favorite foods.

Prior to your evening dining take pleasure in various appetizers and aperitifs served on the poolside dining room terrace. For your evening meal the villa’s personal chef prepares assorted delicious, international recipes throughout your stay. Discover an ever changing variety of fresh fish, seafood, Grade A beef and Chicken while utilizing all the wonderful herbs, spices and vegetables available in the Caribbean and rounding off the meal with delectable desserts.

Preceding your arrival you will be asked to communicate any allergies, dietary and food preferences to customize your meal preparations.

The meal times are accommodated for the itinerary of the guests.  We also include a complimentary starter bar, which minimally includes; 24 Dominican beers-Presidente, Brugal Extra Viejo – Dominican Dark Rum, Brugal White Rum, Malibu Coconut Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Triple Sec,  Congnac and Campari. Also considered part of our meal plan, should the guests choose, a shore lunch or dinner on Playa Grade beach or at a recommended local establishment.