Playa Caleton – Orchid Bay

A short walk from the villa, one of the most exclusive and secluded beaches along our coast is located right in the same gated community as Casa Kimball in Orchid Bay Estates. Playa Caleton is a stretch of soft white sand protected by cliffs of marvelous coastline, the ideal distance for an oceanfront stroll. Ample shade is provided by towering Coco palms and Almond trees that scatter the beach. A reef a short distance off shore provides a sheltered bay perfect for snorkeling.

Teaming with marine life, local fishermen frequently encounter squid, snapper and octopus a within the bay. Seen quite frequently during the months of January to March, migrating Humpback Whales swim and breach just beyond the reefs edge and along the coast in front of Casa Kimball. A spectacular site!

Playa Grande

10 minutes away from Casa Kimball, this beach is one of the favorites to visit during your luxury villa vacation. Adjacent to the world-class golf course with the same name, this beach is famous for its big fun waves, vastness, cleanliness, piña coladas and fresh seafood shore lunch, just the right combination to create the perfect beach day.

Guests of Casa Kimball are provided one complimentary trip to visit any beach within our area.

Playa Preciosa

The name says it all…precious! A footpath leads down the cliff to this beach that is located next to Playa Grande. Frequented by locals preferring privacy and by surfers for the breakers in a bay at the east side of the beach, this a special piece of coastline still in its treasured natural state.

Playa Diamante

This is a protected inlet of serene, crystal blue waters. This shallow bay permits its visitors to leisurely walk great distances out into the bay. Cliffs rise out of the bay on both sides, Coco palms, Almonds and Sea Grapes grow along the edges. Located only 5 minutes away from Casa Kimball, this is an ideal location for lounging and to bring children for a day of beach fun.