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Dominican Republic is located in the West Indies, ideally situated close to the United States, just a little southeast of Cuba in the Caribbean. It occupies the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, with the North Atlantic Ocean to the North and the Caribbean Sea to the South.

Casa Kimball is on the north coast of the Island near Playa Grande world class golf and beach. Vast stretches of white sand beaches, spectacular vistas of mountainous terrain lush with tropical vegetation and expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean all form the impressive north coast.

Casa Kimball

Casa Kimball is located on the edge of the town of Cabrera, perched on a 15m (45ft) cliff that juts into the Atlantic ocean and is cooled by steady ocean breezes. There is a pathway leading down to a sandy, deserted beach–one of three in the gated community. The area is unspoiled by tourism: crystal-clear lakes and wide open beaches, discretely situated villas and European boutique hotels, friendly locals and outdoor merengue bars in the nearby town. It’s the essence of relaxed Caribbean beauty.

Enjoy a plethora of different activities while in the area such as; Eco-Tours, Deep Sea Fishing, a Beach bonfire, Spa treatments, gorgeous beaches and much more.

Did you know you are supporting sustainable tourism and a quality cultural experience by staying at Casa Kimball?

  • All produce for our gourmet meals is grown within 3 hrs of the villa and purchased locally
  • All seafood and fish is caught and purchased locally
  • The villa collects rain water and maintains a purification and filtration system providing clean, purified water throughout the villa without the need of disposal water waters that contribute to the global land fill problem.
  • Our employees are employed directly from Cabrera and are of Dominican origin
  • Service providers for transportation, supplies, excursions and activities originate from our area supporting the local economy
  • The villa owner and some of our guests support not for profit foundations involved in positive sustainable change for our local community: Dream Project, Friends of Cabrera, Inc., El Faro de Cabrera Education Project and Animal Balance

You can support sustainable tourism while at Casa Kimball by…

  • Purchasing quality local made cigars
  • Enjoy traditional music and dance from local performers
  • Eat out at a local Parador – Enjoy a ‘tipica’ evening of traditional Dominican food at Babanuco’s
  • Drink Mama Juana
  • Go 4 wheeling or on a Jeep Safari
  • Eat a shore lunch at Playa Grande and enjoy the big, fun waves!
  • Buy souvenirs made locally – ask and our staff will present what is available.
  • Be involved and support one of the M Projects